How Much Do You Charge?

Price is at the forefront of many decisions...but don't just let the lowest price influence your decision.  At decksteria we believe in charging a fair price to reflect the amount of work involved.

Due to the very nature that every event is unique, our rates are quoted at time of enquiry so please fill out the contact form for a no obligation quote.

We firmly believe in "you get what you pay for".  Many a time have we been contacted by clients who have been let down at the last minute by DJ's/Discos who have quoted at unrealistically cheap rates. 

We offer the highest standard of service and dedication to your event that you should expect.  We use quality professional equipment and our music is played & mixed live.


Sometimes we work for free (family, friends & charity by prior arrangement) but regrettably more often than not we have to ask you to part with some hard earned cash!

We will always endeavour to work with you if you have a specific budget - just let us know at the enquiry stage!



As an example of fee variation - a small afternoon kids party in a village hall will be under £99, wherease a specialist large-scale event with huge sound & light setup & 2 DJ's could command in the region of £1000.